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Learn 6 Benefits To Regular Air Conditioner Servicing

You rely on your home’s air conditioning for many reasons. You might think of it primarily as what keeps your home cool and comfortable during warmer seasons, especially the hotter months, but it does more than that for you. A properly functioning air conditioner does not just lower the temperature of the air inside your home, it also dehumidifies it, a lot. Removing water moisture is the primary means it uses to cool air, but that also keeps your home free of things like mold. Keep reading to learn 6 benefits to service air conditioner regularly.

1) You can prevent breakdowns: Not all mechanical or system failures can be seen coming in advance, but the trained eyes of a service technician can often not the warning signs and symptoms of many potential problems in advance. That gives you a chance to prevent them from ever happening in the first place.

2) Avoid leaks or low fluids: Not all AC failures are due to breakdowns, but sometimes simply because the fluids it uses run low or out. Your service technician will check these with each call and refill them as need be, also finding and stopping leaks where they happen.

3) Keep your utility bill low: Air conditioners do have to run up your utility bill in order to cool down your home. However, the more efficiently they run, the less power they will consume. Regular aircon servicing keeps them at peak operating capacity, sparing unneeded waste on your power meter, and resulting in a smaller energy bill arriving in your mailbox each month.

4) Cool the home faster: Air conditioners that are operating at optimal capacity also cool homes faster than other units that are not maintained in such a robust state. If you don’t run your AC when away, this means your home will cool faster when you get home. If your home is hottest in the later hours of the day when the long evenings of sun beat down on your home, then that’s the faster your unit can cool down the home when you try and sleep. In hot and humid climates, the human body needs the temperature below 80 degrees Fahrenheit during sleep in order to truly recover for another hot day.

5) Breathe easier: If your AC unit enjoys regular service calls, you are unlikely to have strange or strong odors or scents impacting the air it circulates. Part of regular servicing often includes new filters and maybe even basic duct cleaning, so the air in the home is less abrasive to those with allergies or sensitivities.

6) Extend the life of the unit: AC units can last a decade or more, but regular service, along with good repairs and the occasional upgrade can last years longer, saving you even more money.

Here is another cool video about saving money on aircon.

As you are now aware, your air conditioner can stand quite a few advantages to regular servicing. More days than not you get to just set your thermostat and enjoy the rewards, but don’t take the system for granted. Give it some love back with at least two regular air conditioner servicing calls a year, usually before and after summer and its heaviest use.